End to US blockade of Cuba demanded in Miami

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End to US blockade of Cuba demanded in Miami
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10 November 2019
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A new demand to the United States Government to lift the economic, commercial and financial blockade of Cuba was made in Miami, Florida, on Saturday night.

More than 50 people, mostly US citizens, participated in a rally at St. Stephen's Episcopal Church, in Coconut Grove, Miami, Florida, to demand the end to US blockade, which has nearly 60 years.

The initiative was sponsored by US Hands Off Venezuela South Florida, a coalition that opposes Washington's sanctions, threats and attempts to promote a coup d'état in Venezuela.

Members of the Marti Alliance, bringing together organizations of Cuban emigrants, the Foundation for the Normalization of Relations between the United States and Cuba (FORNORM) and community and local organizations attended the event.

Several speakers, including Max Lesnik, Elena Freyre, Carlos Rafael Dieguez, Lorenzo Cañizares and Yvonne Hayes, referred to the damage caused by the US policy and the need to lift it.

They gave examples of how the blockade, which they described as cruel, criminal and illegal, has affected all sectors in Cuban life, from the shortage of medical equipment for children to the impossibility of trade between Cuban and US companies.

They also rejected the activation of Title III of the Helms-Burton Act in May, which allows filing lawsuits aganst foreign companies investing in properties nationalized by Cuba after the triumph of the Revolution on January 1, 1959.

We held a very good and necessary activity; I hope they continue to happen in the future; more and more people should know and understand about the blockade, FORNORM President Elena Freyre told Prensa Latina.

Two days ago, 187 countries voted in favor of Cuba. Only three nations voted against (United States, Israel and Brazil) and two countries (Colombia and Ukraine) abstained, at a voting on a draft resolution submitted by Cuba against the US blockade at the United Nations General Assembly.

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