President of Cuba congratulates artists on Cuban Culture Day

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President of Cuba congratulates artists on Cuban Culture Day
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20 October 2019
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The president of Cuba, Miguel Diaz-Canel, congratulated on Sunday through his Twitter account artists and creators on the occasion of the Day of Cuban Culture.

'Hugs to our compatriots on the Day of Cuban Culture, especially to our artists and creators, spiritual support of the Homeland. Cuba is culture,' he wrote in his account @DiazCanelB.

The event recalls the first time the national anthem was sang by Cuban independent fighters against the Spanish colonial, after Carlos Manuel de Cespedes, acknowledged as the Founding Father of the Nation, liberated the eastern city of Bayamo.

Lawyer Pedro Figueredo wrote the lyrics and composed the music to eternalize the rebel spirit of the 'Mambises' (independent fighters) and encourage them to fight until the end for the liberation of all Cuba.

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