Díaz-Canel Evaluates Measures to face Energy Shortage in Cuba

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Díaz-Canel Evaluates Measures to face Energy Shortage in Cuba
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17 September 2019
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President Miguel Díaz-Canel evaluates in Pinar del Rio Province this Monday measures to face current energy shortage resulting from the US blockade.

The first vice president, Salvador Valdes Mesa, ministers, vice ministers and the highest authorities of Pinar del Rio province participate in the meeting in this western territory.

Díaz-Canel continues assessing actions taken to address the lack of diesel caused by the persecution of the US Government against shipping companies and insurance companies related to trade with the island.

This is a circumstantial shortage for which savings and other measures were decided to mitigate the impact on the population and maintain vitality in strategic sectors of the economy and services.

The analysis includes the guarantee of tobacco production in the territory, known as the highest quality tobacco producer in the world.

Also food supply, the maintenance of medical, educational and other activities.

The Minister of Economy, Alejandro Gil, said at the meeting that in recent days it was confirmed that the country has potential to face the current situation and continue along the path of development.

Díaz-Canel urged citizens to think as a country, work for savings and for national unity and solidarity.

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