Cuban Convention on Environment To Gather 56 Countries

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Cuban Convention on Environment To Gather 56 Countries
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12 June 2019
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Over 1,300 specialists from 56 countries will reportedly participate in the 12th International Convention on Environment and Development, which will open its doors here from July 1 to 5.

Under the motto: For integration and cooperation for sustainability, the event comprises six congresses: Management of Biodiversity; Environmental Management, Protected Areas, Environmental Education, Politics and Law and Climate Change. The latter having issues such as climate variability, mitigation actions and adaptation based on ecosystems.

In a press conference the director of the Cuban Environment Agency (AMA) Maritza Garcia, explained that this encounter is the first following the implementation of Task Life, a government plan aimed to confront climate change. "We are going to show the main results and we are going to set out how this program is carried out on Cuba," she said.

US expert Luis Solorzano, director of The Nature Conservancy´s Caribbean Division, an environmental organization dedicated to searching innovative solutions for the world´s challenges ,and that has been working with Cuba for over a century.

The academic program of the mega-event includes a magisterial conference on tourism and conservation, based on the experiences on management of biodiversity and biological corridors, by the Costa Rican Ana Baez.

During the convention,held in the Havana Palace of Conventions, four symposiums are going to be carried out: Environmental Regulation, Regulation and Control, Sustainable Land Management and Transport and the Environment.

At the same time, delegates can participate in six other symposiums: Earth Sciences for Sustainability, Disaster Risk Management, Marine Ecosystems, Museums and Karst and Caves.

The 12th Convention, organized by the AMA, from the Cuban Ministry of Science, Technology and the Environment, will bring researchers from almost every nation on the continent.

According to the organizers, this time Mexico, Colombia and Venezuela are the most represented countries. Other outstanding colleagues come from China, Japan and Australia.

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