“A cooperative that contributes”

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“A cooperative that contributes”
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9 April 2019
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Emerged in June 20th of 2013 the First Grade Non Farmer Cooperative of Waste Recycling from San José in Mayabeque, within the 15 existent in the country, it has a high recognition due to the management it makes. As a consequence of the actualization of the Economic and Social Model supported by Guidelines of the Economic and Social Politic of the Party and the Revolution this cooperative is constituted. Its president Eida Pérez Hernández, a young woman dares each day and in that incessant work we find her.

“At the beginning as everything, we had ignorance about what a cooperative was, at that moment I was the director of the State Company and the change was very brusque because it was not what we were used to, and we did not know to begin something new. Nowadays we still have the accompaniment of our Ministry and thank to that our cooperative has been able reach the results that it has”

“A cooperative that contributes”

To recover, process and trade wastes, bottles, articles among other equipments that the state enterprises and people generate in order to be reused in the economy as secondary raw material is included in its social object, and although work is hard the 15 members receive a equitable salary not less than 3500 pesos per month through the collective management.

Eida Pérez Hernández, President of the Cooperative explains that “people are in charge of bringing their raw material to the cooperative, which is checked and classified and later it is weighed and afterward a payment is given depending on the product the bring, among them bottles, aluminum, paper and cardboard, bronze, stainless steel, melted iron, plastics, all that in dependence of a list of prices that it is at sight for people could know the price that we offer for that raw material. One of the advantages is that our cooperative makes the payment in cash, because we have a bank account which allows us to extract money in dependence on the sales framework of the day”.

“A cooperative that contributes”

“The other way is with the state sector, which is made with the companies of the municipality, through a contract and an engagement of delivery of their raw material and wastes. All this, it means, the recovery from the population and the state sector makes us the fulfillment of our state order”
This non farmer company from San José de las Lajas, awarded as national vanguard twice, has good economic and productive results.

“As we are a cooperative we do have a state order, and we accomplish it with the Company of Recovery of Raw Materials from the province of Mayabeque, this is made through a contract at the beginning of the year. After our state order is accomplished we can sale to thirds, such as: self-employed workers, other companies who are interested in our raw material and this make a little easier the productive chain. That is why self-employed workers have through us a way to acquire their raw materials.”

“A cooperative that contributes”

This non state company of Waste Recycling from San José de las Lajas contributes with the 1% of the territorial contribution, promoting the local development.
“Last year we gave more than five thousand tons to the economy of the country, we are contributing with the 10% of the tax over sales, besides the tax over the benefits”.

It is a reality that the non farmer cooperatives contribute with the efficacy and efficiency in the activities to take forward the economic processes of the country. For its members this results the principal source of income in their families, besides of recognizing its importance in what recovery of raw materials represents for the country.

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