Health Spa network to be restored in Cuba

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Health Spa network to be restored in Cuba
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10 September 2018
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The first thermal, mineral-medicinal springs to be restored will be those located in San Miguel de los Banos, province of Matanzas; San Diego de los Banos, province of Pinar del Rio; and Ciego Montero, province of Cienfuegos. They are part of a gradual process of restoration of a network of care facilities in the country.

Dr. Miladys Orraca Castillo —head of the Cuban Medical Service Marketer— stated exclusively to the press that she leads a system of eight care facilities all around the island.

“After the approval of the Foreign Investment Act in Cuba, one of the registration carried out by our Marketer for the Portfolio of Opportunities was precisely the restoration of these health spa. Several foreign agencies have showed their willingness to be partners in the investment in order to take advantage of them.”

Dr. Miladys Orraca added “we are on the verge of agreeing the investment process and starting the restoration of these facilities with the required quality standards to market their services.” She also confirmed that “we are gradually going to reach top levels of development in this field, insofar as it is economically possible. It is our goal to implement the process of foreign investment in the country.”

The official attended the launching of the Yaguanabo’s Center of Wellness and Quality of Life, near the South Circuit, in Cienfuegos. This facility will provide tourists with therapeutic modalities such as the thalassotherapy or the medical use of sea water with physical-chemical properties.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz / CubaSi Translation Staff

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