Cuba, USA Hold Technical Meeting On Terrorism

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Cuba, USA Hold Technical Meeting On Terrorism
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19 January 2018
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The Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced today that the Caribbean island and the United States held a technical meeting to prevent and face terrorism.

According to a report from the Foreign Ministry, the objective of the meeting held in Washington is to progress cooperation in this area.

This meeting, which took place yesterday, is part of the dialogue on the application and compliance with the law, started between the two countries in November 2015.

The delegations from both countries agreed on the importance of cooperation in this area and to continue the technical meetings on the subject in the future.

The meeting took place in an atmosphere of respect and professionalism, stresses the note from the Foreign Minister posted by Cubadebate website.

Representatives from the Cuban Ministries of the Interior and Foreign Affairs and U.S. officials from the departments of Internal Security, Justice and State were present at the meeting.

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