FARC and Colombian Government Establish Historical Commission

FARC and Colombian Government Establish Historical Commission
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6 August 2014
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This week the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia—People's Army (FARC) and Colombian government confirmed that they will create "Historical Commission of the Conflict and its Victims" to trace the origins of the armed conflict.

The commission will be composed of 12 independent experts and two rapporteurs. It will have four months to prepare their reports about the origins and causes of the conflict beginning August 21.

The 12 experts will be equally chosen between the government and the FARC. "The expert reports will not replace or predetermine any piece of the Truth Commission, but will provide basic input," reads the communique establishing the creation of the Historical Commission. The communique also makes reference to advances that the peace negotiations have made since November 2012.

Both parties also decided to create sub-commissions related to ending the armed conflict and focusing on gender issues.

The commission will provide additional information for the peace negotiations happening in Havana, Cuba. The negotiations will resume August 12 to begin a new round of talks. The government and FARC also expressed their gratitude to Cuba and Norway for facilitating these dialogue and guaranteeing their continuation.

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