US: Hillary Clinton Wins Third Presidential Debate

US: Hillary Clinton Wins Third Presidential Debate
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20 October 2016
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Washington, Oct 20 (Prensa Latina) A survey by the CNN news network recognized the Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton as the winner of the third debate held last night in Las Vegas, with 52 percent of the votes of the electors.
According to the CNN survey, conducted yesterday's evening after the end of the third meeting between the main contenders for the White House, the former Secretary of State exceeded by 13 points (52-39) the Republican candidate Donald Trump.

This victory, in the voters' opinion, makes Clinton the overall winner of the three meetings held in New York, where she earned 35 points of advantage, and in Missouri, where she accumulated 23.

The scrutiny carried out at the end of the third presidential debate also confirmed that 59 percent of voters think Hillary Clinton is better prepared for the presidency of the United States, against the 35 percent achieved by Donald Trump.

Unlike the first two, in this debate the candidates avoided personal attacks, but Trump offered the discordant note when he said he did not promise he would respect the results of the elections to be held on November 8th.


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