Peru Media Calls Kuczynski Election Win, Lead Over Fujimori 'Irreversible'

Peru Media Calls Kuczynski Election Win, Lead Over Fujimori 'Irreversible'
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9 June 2016
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The 95.5 percent of votes counted in Peru after the Sunday’s presidential runoff, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski's lead over Keiko Fujimori is now "irreversible," according to local media Thursday.

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The dramatic race has come down to less than one percentage point between candidates and Kuczynski, who has maintained a narrow but constant lead since the beginning, and the daughter of former dictator Alberto Fujimori.

With less than 0.5 percent of ballots yet to be counted, the 77-year-old the former banker has a greater lead in votes than the number of votes still to be counted.

The country’s main pollster Ipsos has Kuczynski's lead is “irreversible,” however Fujimori supporters still the small gap can be reversed.

Kuczynski, who lost the first round against Fujimori in April, was able to beat Fujimori by a short lead after receiving the endorsement of leftist leader Veronika Mendoza, as well as other anti-Fujimori groups.

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Despite his imminent win, it won’t be easy for Kuczynski to govern since the Fujimori’s conservative Popular Force party holds a supermajority of 73 seats in the Congress, which is also to be chaired by Fujimori’s brother, Kenji.

Kuczynski's win will mean the second loss for Keiko Fujimori in a presidential race, after her 2010 defeat to outgoing president, Ollanta Humala.

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