Fujimori First and Second Place in Draw in Peru

Fujimori First and Second Place in Draw in Peru
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11 April 2016
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The daughter of jailed former leader Alberto Fujimori has according to Ipsos 37.8 percent, which varies CPI measurements (39.1) and GfK (39.9), did not get absolute majority. There will be a second round before the progressive Veronika Mendoza or the neoliberal Pedro Pablo Kuczynski.

Expectations remain about the second place, played hard with tenths advantage for Kuczuynski, which has 20, 9 (Ipsos), 19.7 (CPI) and 20.6 (GfK) against Mendoza, with 20, 3 (Ipsos ), 18.8 (CPI) and 20.3 (GfK).

The differences between progressive and conservative are less than the margin of error considered polls, so the situation is a dead heat and for the next few hours the pollsters, who have asked to take it easy the first results, offer results of a one quick count.

The method is to consider a sampling of voting records nationwide that have greater representation than the quick count, but official results could begin to be known tonight and tomorrow will be announced by the National Office of Electoral Processes.

The dispute for the second place is considered key because in a runoff on June 5, could be decisive the resistance of broad sectors to Fujimori due to the memory of the heavy-handed regimen of Keiko's father, Alberto Fujimori, imprisoned for crimes against humanity and corruption.

Preliminary results were received with triumphalism by Kuczynski's party Peruanos por el Cambio, with joy by the Frente Amplio of Mendoza and with great jubilation by Fujimori's Fuerza Popular.

Lagging behind rested the center-left Alfredo Barnechea, from 7 to 8.6 percent and the former president Alan Garcia, between 5.5 and 6.6 percent.

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