Poll Shows 62 Percent of Venezuelans Want Socialists to Keep Governing

Poll Shows 62 Percent of Venezuelans Want Socialists to Keep Governing
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29 June 2015
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In the survey, conducted from June 7 to 16 and based on 1,200 interviews nationwide, Venezuelan respondents were asked: "Would you prefer that the government of President Maduro rectify and resolve, even in part the economic problems of the country, or that the opposition become government?" Of those that responded, 62 percent favored a continuity of President Nicolas Maduro’s socialist, while 33 percent of respondents favored the opposition taking over reigns of government. The margin of error for the survey is +/- 2.7 percent.

For several months, shortages in basic goods and line-ups for subsidized goods have become a concern for many Venezuelans. President Maduro has accused opposition sectors and private enterprises of engaging in an economic war to destabilize his government, and has pledged to act against hoarding and speculation.

On Sunday, the PSUV held primary elections for the left-wing party’s candidates in parliamentary elections to be held in December. The PSUV has gone to great lengths to promote inclusiveness in these primary elections, especially among women and youth, with only 15 percent of candidates above the age of 50 and more than half being women.

Edited by Ivan Martínez

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