Turkey keeps 37 military outposts in Idlib, Syria (+Photos)

Turkey keeps 37 military outposts in Idlib, Syria (+Photos)
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20 February 2020
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Damascus, Feb 20 (Prensa Latina) The number of outposts established by the Turkish military in Idlib has reached 37, as per local media.

The Turkish forces built a new outpost near Basankoul, to the southwest of Idlib, in the M-4 highway running between Aleppo and Latakia, said the Al-Khabar TV station, with dozens of soldiers strengthened by artillery and armored vehicles dug in.According to the media outlet, the recent advance of the Syrian army in Aleppo and Idlib have left 13 Turkish outposts completely surrounded, eight in Idlib, four in Aleppo, and one in Hama.

Damascus considers the presence of Turkish troops in Syrian soil as aggression and occupation.

Meanwhile, Ankara has threatened to launch an offensive if the Syrian troops do not withdraw up to the frontline previous to the beginning of the offensive that freed northern and western Aleppo and nearly half of the province of Idlib.

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