President Morales calls meeting with social organizations of Bolivia

President Morales calls meeting with social organizations of Bolivia
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4 November 2019
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La Paz, Nov 4 (Prensa Latina) Bolivian President Evo Morales summoned an emergency meeting with social organizations to analyze the 48-hour period for his resignation, demanded by the opposition leader Fernando Camacho of Santa Cruz.

'I am requesting an emergency meeting with our union leaders, the COB workers union, Conalcam, other social sectors, to plan what they think about the demand,' said the president in an interview with Radio San Gabriel, when asked about the term demanded by the president of the so-called Pro Santa Cruz Civic Committee.

Morales added that he depends on the people, on the social forces.

With an extremist line of speech, Camacho proclaimed before national television cameras that with the support of other opponents from six regions he grants the president a 48-hour term to resign, and said that term expires this Monday at 19:00 local time.

During the interview, Morales explained the opposition no longer talks about elections, but about resignation and that the deadline is on Monday.

In this regard, he said the people will also say their last word, because the true patriots are those who create the country's resources, and not those who privatize them.

According to the leader of Aymara origin, the mobilization of the opposition groups does not respond to an alleged fraud in the elections of October 20 because they now demand their departure from the government, which means that it is a 'coup' not against Evo, but against the people.

The president reiterated his confidence in the Bolivian people and in the process of change initiated in 2006.

He warned against the turn that the right-wing groups want to impose to return to the past, against which he valued the struggles of the peasants, other social sectors of the cities, professionals and the Police.

In reference to the two deaths recently recorded in a confrontation between blockers and residents of Montero, department of Santa Cruz, Morales warned that an opposition sector is looking for deaths coming from the police or the Armed Forces.

He stressed that the police has resisted until now without firing, but at any time it can respond to a provocation and blame the government, as is the case now in Santa Cruz in relation to those killed in Montero.

He considered the painful incident should be investigated, and that the Public Ministry and justice should imprison those responsible.

Morales insisted that the first thing to abide by is the Constitution, which means the results of elections held on October 20 must be respected, and stressed, that this process is subject now to an international audit with the objective of making it transparent.

Today, the Supreme Electoral Court asked the Foreign Ministry to manage before the Council of Electoral Experts of Latin America the realization of a parallel audit to that directed by the Organization of American States, as confirmed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Diego Pary.

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