Mothers of Plaza de Mayo Express Support for Missing Mexicans Students

Mothers of Plaza de Mayo Express Support for Missing Mexicans Students
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31 October 2014
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Justice organisation Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo has added to the clamour for the 43 disappeared Mexican students on Thursday.

At their weekly demonstration at the Plazo del Mayo the mothers, whose own children were disappeared during the military dictatorship in Argentina between 1976 and 1983, joined forces with Mexicans living in Buenos Aires to denounce the tragedy in Iguala, Guerrero, where not one of the 43 students have been seen alive since September 26 when they were kidnapped by police.

“We denounce the massacre, the great repression of the students in Mexico and we express all our solidarity. Never again disappeared children!” Nora Cortiñas, leader of the Mother of the Plaza de Mayo told AFP.

The tireless human rights activist drew comparisons to the disappearance of her own son who disappeared during the dictatorship, and lamented that “well into the 21st century, in a democracy, this infamous and Nazi methodology is repeated.”

“The Mothers of the Plaza del Mayo are emblematic fighters in Latin America and are in solidarity with our fight,” said Monica Mexicano, member of the Assembly of Mexicans in Argentina. The Assembly estimates that there are 5,000 Mexicans living in Argentina.

Protests have been taking place around the world for students, who were studying at a teacher training college, and themselves protesting against poor facilities when they were disappeared, including in London, New York and Spain, as well as across Latin America.

Back in Mexico on Thursday, in the state of Oaxaca, approximately 74,000 teachers began a 72-hour strike across 14,000 schools, while students also marched to Radio UNAM in Mexico City to deliver a message in support of the Ayotzinapa students, later passing out leaflets at highway toll booths.

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