Maduro Reiterates Call for Dialogue with Venezuelan Opposition

Maduro Reiterates Call for Dialogue with Venezuelan Opposition
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29 January 2019
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Caracas, Jan 29 (Prensa Latina) The Venezuelan president, Nicolas Maduro, reiterated Tuesday the call for dialogue with the opposition as the only way of peaceful coexistence in Venezuela, immersed in a US-backed development coup.

Through a message posted on Twitter, the Venezuelan leader said that the opposition forces should 'ignore the imperial calls that point towards a confrontation between brothers.'

'May Peace prevail!' Said the head of state, who called on the opposition to act sensibly and responsibly, in the face of the US government's pretensions to provoke a civil conflict in Venezuela through ignorance of the legitimate authorities and the support for a parallel government that was not elected at the polls.

On January 23, the US administration of Donald Trump acknowledged the self-proclamation of the head of the National Assembly (Parliament) -declared in contempt by the Supreme Court of Justice-, Juan Guaido, a position emulated by other nations in the region.

This interventionist action led to the rupture of bilateral political relations by the government of Venezuela, which ordered the closure of all diplomatic and consular headquarters in the United States.

The hostile policy of Washington against Caracas included the attempted censorship in the Security Council of the United Nations, the repeated calls for a military uprising against the Bolivarian government, and the most recent attacks on the Venezuelan oil industry, with the freezing of assets of Citgo Petroleum.

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