Colombia: 13 Wounded During Barranquilla Nightclub Explosion

Colombia: 13 Wounded During Barranquilla Nightclub Explosion
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17 December 2018
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The explosion of an artifact thrown at a nightclub in Barranquilla injured 13 people just two days after President Ivan Duque held a high-level security meeting. 

On Sunday, an explosion taking place in a nightclub in the city of Barranquilla, Colombia, left 13 people wounded.

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The victims were football fans gathered at the club to celebrate the eighth victory of their team, Junior de Barranquilla.

At around 8 pm, an artifact was thrown at the establishment and exploded. The impact wounded 13 people, three of whom are in a critical situation.

 “From the thirteen wounded, three had to be rushed off to a better clinic...where they had to undergo a surgical procedure in order to stabilize them,” the local police commander, Jair Alfonso Baquero said.

Baquero also informed that the police is looking into the event to try to identify the responsible parties.

The attack came just 48 hours after President Ivan Duque held a security council meeting. At this meeting, Duque expressed concern over the strengthening of “criminal groups” in the department and their illegal activities.

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