Mexico Activates Civil Protection Protocols against Deadly Quake

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Mexico Activates Civil Protection Protocols against Deadly Quake
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8 September 2017
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Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto has activated today the Civil Protection protocols, including the National Emergency Committee, in view of a strong earthquake that hit the nation last night.

"It was a large scale earthquake, the largest magnitude" in the country since 1932 Peña Nieto told TV Forum, adding that so far have been 42 aftershocks, the largest of magnitude 6.1. He warned the population that still other of greater intensity can be produced.

At the moment, the Mexican government has confirmed that there are 25 dead, after being known that there are 20 died in a mountainous zone of Oaxaca, near the epicenter.

The National Seismological Service initially reported that the earthquake, which occurred at 23.49 hours on Thursday, measured 8.0 degrees and then 8.4 degrees, the most severe since 1985 when the capital was devastated.

The epicenter was located southwest of Tonala, Chiapas, 18 kilometers depth.

According to the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, possible destructive waves would hit off the coasts of Mexico, as well as Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Honduras and even Ecuador.

There are reported dilapidated houses in Tehuantepec and an evacuation alert was issued throughout the Pacific Coast.

In the north of Mexico City several colonies ran out of electricity, including Industrial Vallejo and Estrella.

Mexico DF's International Airport stopped all its activities, which were resumed an hour after the impact.

The highest authorities, alongside their military and relief institutions, began assessing the damage.

The tremor was registered around 23:50 Thursday, causing great alarm among Mexico DF inhabitants who left their houses and remained on the sidewalks and avenues.

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