FMLN Rejects Trump Interference Policy Against Cuba

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FMLN Rejects Trump Interference Policy Against Cuba
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20 June 2017
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The left-wing Salvadoran formation condemned the new measures that harden the economic, financial and commercial blockade that Washington has maintained since 1962, despite of the worldwide rejection, and constitutes a setback in the process of rapprochement.

The FMLN supported the call for respectful dialogue made by the Cuban government as the most effective way to resolve differences, based on equality and unrestricted respect for the sovereignty and independence of peoples.

'This includes respect for democratic processes and the form of government that, with sovereignty and independence, the Cuban people have given since the beginning of the Revolution,' emphasized the Front in an official statement.

For the FMLN, Tthe arbitrary measures recently announced by Trump affect the road built with great sacrifices and undermine the democratic rights of US citizens, including free transit.

'Latin America and the Caribbean, which has been proclaimed a Zone of Peace, can not allow that new clouds threaten the peaceful life our people have chosen and defend,' warns the formation, which maintains a historic friendship with Cuba.

The FMLN closes its message with a call to the international community to act to overcome the tension generated by Trump, possibly advised by a minority of persons of Cuban origin that promotes a more aggressive, retrograde and interventionist policies.

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