Sao Paulo Forum Begins in Bolivia

Sao Paulo Forum Begins in Bolivia
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26 August 2014
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The Sao Paulo Forum brings together 180 left-wing political parties and grassroots social movements.

One of Latin America's largest gatherings of left-wing social movements, the 20th Sao Paolo Forum, kicked off on Monday in La Paz, Bolivia with the participation of over 180 political parties and grassroots organizations.

​United Confederation of Peasant Workers of Bolivia (CSUTCB), Damien Condon, stated the forum will include a broad range of issues affecting the Latin American leftist movement. “Everything will be on the agenda,” he stated.

This year's forum will focus on the economic crisis of capitalism and the advancement of socialism.

The main event is set for Thursday, and will feature discussion on gender equality and the significance of African descendants in Latin America.

According to the agenda, the forum will conclude with formal demands for the United States to end the embargo of Cuba, the United Kingdom to relinquish control of the Malvinas Islands, and sea access for Bolivia.

The forum was founded in 1990 by the Brazilian Workers' Party when it issued a continent-wide call for the left to unite to fight against neoliberalism.

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