Alleged Fraud in USA Presidential Elections Will Be Investigated

Alleged Fraud in USA Presidential Elections Will Be Investigated
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25 January 2017
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Washington, Jan 25 (Prensa Latina) US president Donald Trump called for a major investigation into alleged fraud in the November 8 elections.

In those elections, the Republican tycoon defeated the Democrat aspirant Hillary Clinton by the electoral vote, but he lost in the popular vote.

According to Trump, the investigation will include 'those registered to vote in two states, the illegal ones, and even the voters registered to vote that were dead (and many of them for a long time).'

'Depending on the results, we will strengthen voting procedures,' the head of state said in his personal Twitter account.

Before his victory, Trump repeatedly denounced that the elections were rigged in Clinton's favor by the massive vote of millions of undocumented immigrants, dead people and those who exercised their right to vote in two or more states.

Several lawmakers, including Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and reporters have rejected the president's statements because in their view there is no evidence of electoral fraud.

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