Cuban Chess Champion to Participate in Several Tournaments in the US

Cuban Chess Champion to Participate in Several Tournaments in the US
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2 June 2014
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Grand Master (GM) Isam Ortiz, Cuban two-time national champ, will depart on June 5 to the United States to intervene in some international chess tournaments.

Ortiz (2 588 Elo points) will accompany his counterparts Lázaro Bruzón, Yunieski Quesada and Yuri González to U.S. territory.

“We think to play the Las Vegas Open, the one of New York and then the World Open, which is the strongest of all, ¨Ortiz said to Radio Angulo provincial station.

The player was recently involved in the Capablanca In Memoriam Premier Group, where he finished fourth with the same score (6 points) than the first three players, but he was less favored by the tiebreak system.

He stated that he feels satisfied with his performance in that tourney as he won about 12 points to his ELO, with which he would return to the club of 2 600.

Isam Ortiz will also represent Cuba at the next World Chess Olympiad set for August in Tromso, Norway, where he should accompany the GMs Leinier Dominguez, Lazaro Bruzón, Yunieski Quesada and a fifth player to be defined.

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