FIBA to Evaluate Creation of New Basketball Confederation in Brazil

FIBA to Evaluate Creation of New Basketball Confederation in Brazil
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26 December 2016
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Brasilia, 26 Dec (Prensa Latina) An official at the International Basketball Federation (FIBA), José Luiz Sáez, has proposed that a new Brazilian confederation be created to put an end the crisis facing the sport in the South American nation.

Sáez's proposal is to disband the FIBA Brazilian Basketball Confederation (CBB) - suspended since last November due to debts totaling millions of dollars - and create another entity free of debts in its place.

According to the UOL news site, one of the main points in discusssion is who would assume liability for the debt of 17 million reais (more than five million dollars) left by the disastrous management of Carlos Nunes, at the close of 2015.

This is not the first time a Brazilian federation has had to be disbanded due to mismanagement, the on-line news site also cited the example of the Brazilian Sailing and Motor Confederation.

In an official note at that time of suspension, the Brazilian Confederation said that it was surprised by the action,but understand the position of the FIBA and would not appeal its decision.

In January, FIBA will meet again to reevaluate the situation.

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