Donald Trump to Punish US Migrant Companies

Donald Trump to Punish US Migrant Companies
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5 December 2016
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US president-elect Donald Trump threatened companies that try to leave the US to sell their own merchandise with a severe tax, if they later try to reintroduce their products in the US national territories.

Trump said this tax, might reach up to 35 percent, when those migrant frims want to bring their products back to the US.

On his personal account in Twitter, Trump announced a reduction of taxes and regulations for enterprises, but with the exception of those which fire their workers or build installations in other countries of the world.

He said the tax will apeear, for the companies wanting to sell their products out of the US (like cars, air conditioners, refrigerators, etc) to think before they do.

He stated that measure will make those want to leave, hard to leave the US, from the financial point of view. But these enterprises may move all arround the 50 states of the USA without any tax at all.

Trump said those companies are already warned before they make any kind of mistake, and reasserted that the US are opened to businesses.

The warning of the president-elect materialized one of his electoral promises, of searching for a way to avoid the output of US companies and jobs to other countries such as Mexico or China, through the imposition of tariffs to their import operations.

For his part, former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, said that Trump's actions and decisions set a dangerous precedent, since taxpayers will have to pay the cost of multi-million dollar subsidies to keep the companies in the United States.

From the early hours of Sunday, several Tweets written by Trump made it clear that as a President, he will keep his promise to punish those companies that leave the United States on January 20.

Trump held that those companies are wrong if they believe they can dismiss employees and build plants in other countries without facing consequences.

Nobel Prize winner in Economy, Paul Krugman, questioned the impact on the U.S. economy of the president-elect's personal intervention with particular companies.

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