United States: Gunshots, Casualties and Wounded

United States: Gunshots, Casualties and Wounded
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4 December 2015
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Less than a week ago Barack Obama with his impressive Enough! called to stop the shootings, the most brutal of all occurred.

It was last Tuesday at a medical center that assists disables and the initial outcome was 14 casualties and 17 wounded.


The place located 100 kilometers off Los Angeles, California. What happened had national repercussion.

This event followed a shooting five days earlier at a family planning center with the result of three deceased and other nine were wounded.

The police identified Syed R. Farook, a North American citizen, as one of the perpetrators, 28 years old, who worked for five years at the Health Department of San Bernardino.

His wife, Tashfeen Malik, 27 years old was his accomplice on the shooting.

According to the chief of local police, Jarrod Burguan, they arrested a suspect who walked out of the premises, but couldn’t find hard evidence against him.

Burgan went even further on when declaring to Los Angeles Times that he doesn't rule out an "act of sabotage".

During his search at the medical center, police officers even found explosive.

The Times commented that the couple involved in the most recent shootings had a daughter "who was living the American dream".

However, at the same time, the newspaper added that the attackers of the medical institution wore "assault clothes and were armed with rifles and guns."

Later some of them were killed by the police in that town, a territory of about 210 000 inhabitants, where - Los Angeles Times asserts –"street violence" is frequent.

The Californian newspaper made a dark reminder:

The San Bernardino's massacre is the bloodiest since the slaughter in the primary school Sandy Hook, in the state of Connecticut (East), where in 2012, 20 children and six adults died.

A compulsory question arises:

Was it any good the almost beg of Obama when this week he called to restrain the boom of shootings that bleeds the United States?

Of course not since the true power of that nation rests more in the "lobbies" like the National Rifle Association rather than in the oval office of the White House.

Thus I assert, and I have in file, a statement that years ago gave from Germany the today former democratic president William Clinton.

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