Pompeo is back to the region fancying himself as a viceroy

Pompeo is back to the region fancying himself as a viceroy
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2 February 2020
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US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has returned to the Latin American and Caribbean region from January 20 to 23 fancying himself as a viceroy. And, as he carries such humus, he’s surrounded by sepoys like in the past colonial times, which now U.S. “modernizes” with both Monroe Doctrine and McCarthyism.

The greatest sepoy, Luis Almagro, Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS) was praised by the imperial envoy for his reelection at the headquarters of the entity in Washington: "He’s the leader we need for the body to continue proactively approaching the main challenges the region is facing,” stated Pompeo.

Later, Pompeo traveled to Colombia, Costa Rica and Jamaica. The focus of his Bogota visit was a doubtful fight against terrorism. Then, he went to Costa Rica to discuss the “crisis of authoritarianism” of Nicaragua. Finally, he headed off to Jamaica, where there was a roundtable with the foreign ministers of Bahamas, Belize, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Saint Kitts and Nevis, and Saint Lucia, member states of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM).

But, the true thing is that liar and conceited Pompeo wants to reinforce alliances with regional partners faced with the problems hitting the White House’s Nerone (Donald Trump), who’s in a burning chapel because of his impeachment trial, as well as the escalation of tensions with Iran, the trade war with China and, the attempt to increase pressure against Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba, thus analyzed Aníbal García Fernández and Tamara Lajtman from the Latin American Center for Strategic Geopolitics (CELAG, by its Spanish acronym,).

According to CELAG’s analysis, Mr. Pompeo met with leaders and political groups of other countries. The most relevant events were: participation at the III Hemispheric Ministerial Conference to Fight Terrorism, meeting with Juan Guaido to discuss on Venezuela and the lobby in favor of Almagro. Pompeo also had time to meet with Brazilian FM Ernesto Araujo, pretty in contact with Guaido’s team. As background it’s worth highlighting that in the upcoming days Colombia will host joint military drills of the Southern Command.

In short, from this tour we can gather three goals: the OAS elections, the alleged fight against terrorism and the meddling in the internal affairs of Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua.

These are the phrases of the imperial arrogance said by Pompeo, according to the Voice of America (VOA), before his tour of the region where he fancies himself as a liar viceroy, who has been discredited by Cuban FM Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla in a tweet.

1. “These days, more than ever, our values drive actions that support a hemisphere of freedom,” said Pompeo before the OAS’s Permanent Council in Washington D.C.

2. “The OAS has been at the vanguard for helping the Venezuelan people, they who are so downtrodden and starving because of Maduro’s cruelty,” the secretary of state assured.

3. “The people of the Americas have brought a new wave of freedom, freedom-minded governments,” said Pompeo and claimed that only in “Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela the continent faces “stains of tyranny” on a big canvas of freedom.”

4. As regards Nicaragua, the diplomatic recalled that the OAS’s Permanent Council named a commission to investigate the killing of hundreds by the Daniel Ortega regime.”

5. Pompeo also mentioned the role played by the OAS in Bolivia, where former President Evo Morales was replaced by an interim government following a report of that body that denounced “systematic electoral fraud” in presidential elections.

6. “United States will continue to support President Guaido and the Venezuelan people and we’ll continue to gather all freedom-loving nations so they do the same,” pointed out Pompeo, a few days after the events.

7. “I want to highlight the work of the OAS which has been an instrumental tool in moving the region in that direction. It’s an example of a truly outstanding multilateralism,” he stated.

Bruno on Pompeo

Sec. Pompeo doesn’t trick anybody. In Latin America and the Caribbean we all know about the support of the government of the #UnitedStates to the most horrendous dictatorships in the hemisphere, its record of crimes, its complicity in disappearances and torture. #Cuba,instead, is a symbol of freedom #WeHaveMemory

— Bruno Rodríguez P (@BrunoRguezP) January 17, 2020

aken from Isla Mía

Translated by Jorge Mesa Benjamín / CubaSi Translation Staff

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