USA-ELECTIONS: Split among Democratic presidential candidates

USA-ELECTIONS: Split among Democratic presidential candidates
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22 January 2020
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Twenty-one days ahead of the presidential primary elections in U.S., the candidates of the Democratic Party showed their differences.

What is their main contradiction?

The formula to defeat Donald Trump in those elections.

That is, to break with the existing situation or to limit themselves to a reform, health for all or not, leaving the Middle East or turning the country back into world’s police.

Those so-called “the most progressive”, senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, said they would make a full 360 to the country.

For their part, former Vice President Joe Biden, Senator Amy Klobuchar and Mayor Pete Buttigieg were more moderate.

Biden, who leads the public opinion polls, could not shine.

The Associated Press (AP) commented that likewise other Democratic figures, the former vice president does not trust the strategy to beat Trump.

The controversy among the candidates emerged in Iowa, a rural Midwestern state, where the primary process will kick off soon.

Biden currently runs first in the polls carried out in Iowa, with 20.7 percent in the intention to vote.

He’s closely followed by Bernie Sanders (20.3 percent), Buttigieg (18.7 percent) and Warren (16 percent).

“I come here tonight with a heart full of hope”, Warren announced.

“And it’s full of hope because I see this as our moment in history to build a movement and create a real change”, she ceremoniously proclaimed.

With a stronger tone, Sanders insisted on recalling the difference between the richest 1% of the American population and the remaining 99% who lacks medical care.

Faced with those ideas of change, Biden urged to “restore the soul of the United States, and return it to the same place it was before Trump.”

Also among the so-called progressive there were blows.

Sanders and Warren, who have so far maintained a truce, seemed to have broken it.

It happened this week, after the disclosure of a meeting held in 2018 where Sanders had allegedly told Warren that a woman “could not beat Trump.”

Two days ago, as he had done previously, Sanders denied the alleged meeting, but Warren confirmed it.

“Bernie is my friend, I’m not here to fight Bernie,” Warren tried to reconcile. But then she said that the four men on stage had lost ten elections, while she and Sen. Amy Klobuchar had always won.

Observers pointed out that this public situation did not benefit the Democratic contenders.

Hence experts’ moderate opinion on the evolution of this electoral process in the United States.

Translated by Jorge Mesa Benjamin / CubaSi Translation Staff

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