Trump’s real thinking in view of his impeachment

Trump’s real thinking in view of his impeachment
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20 December 2019
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Very close to concluding the threshold of the process aimed at starting up a political trial against Donald Trump, AP wrote:

“He furiously tweeted for becoming the only third US president in history to be impeached.”

He also “asked for prayers from his supporters.”

Then, Trump asked a question, Can you believe that today I will be put to a political trial by the radical left and the useless Democrats? I did nothing wrong.”

Immediately after, he urged them, “Read the transcripts. This is something that should never happen to another president again. Say a prayer!,” he added.

The official schedule of the impeachment showed that Trump had few activities on Wednesday.

However, the president noted that he would not watch the process broadcast live from Congress.

He did send comments from supporters who spoke on his favorite show of the far-right channel “Fox & Friends".

According to AP, Republican lawmakers Kevin McCarthy and John Ratclif met with the president at the White House on Tuesday “to lay down the strategy in the face of the process in Congress.”

The news agency added that “McCarthy insisted that Trump is determined to move on his agenda, notwithstanding his presidency will be forever marred by impeachment.”

“This would be traumatic for anybody else, but Trump has hosted parties because of December holydays,” McCarthy stated.

Then, he added, “He will go to Michigan for one of his partisan acts. I’ve never seen a man so strong… He’s focused on what the American people need.”

White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham told “Fox & Friends" that Trump later would refer to what happened in Congress.

In any case, McCarthy’s statement that after the impeachment the image of his presidency will forever “be marred” was recorded.

More significant compared with his boastings argued whenever he referred to the possibility of being put on the feared political trial.

Apparently, for once in a lifetime, Trump has expressed an objective omen.

Translated by Jorge Mesa Benjamin / CubaSi Translation Staff

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