Fidel Castro: The Dreamer and the Multitude

Fidel Castro: The Dreamer and the Multitude
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14 August 2017
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“The ideal is a superior expression of life where individual death does not count at all,” Fidel wrote in a war report broadcasted by Radio Rebelde in May 1958.

His ideals are still alive today when we are celebrating his birthday.

He would have turned 91 this August 13rd. Only the foreseeable and ridiculous death prevents him to keep on saying: “We will resist all along the way.”

These were his words, written in April 1958, anticipating what would be the core of the First Rebel Front before the summer offensive of Batista’s army at the Sierra Maestra Mountains.

But this statement remained linked to that time thanks to the compilation made by the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution in his book: La Victoria Estrategica.

He also recalls:

“We arrived in Havana on January 8th, 1959 (…) The revolutionary population joined our troop and, together with the veterans fighters of the Moncada Barrack, the Granma, and the Sierra Maestra, nourished what would become later our Revolutionary Armed Forces. Life, at last, radiated dreams and predictions.”

Resist the enemy. It was one of his most prominent key principles in the defense of the Cuban Revolution throughout his years as head of state.

He introduced this concept in 2010:

“At the same time the Empire’s strength grew until becoming the greatest world power, creating a Revolution in Cuba was very difficult. Few men were able to dream of it, but no one could claim the honors in a feat that was a mix of ideas, facts, and many personal sacrifices for several years in different part of the world.”

History proves Fidel right once again last November when Cuba as a whole cried out and repeated “Yo soy Fidel.”

And yes, “nobody should take the credit” is such a feat. But this multitude screaming all at once proves such a dream will be defended.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz // CubaSi Translation Staff

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