United States: Military in the Mexican Border

United States: Military in the Mexican Border
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23 April 2018
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Amid the militarist fever coursing through the official spheres of the United States, Donald Trump has just announced that armed forces will increase its presence in the border with Mexico.  

The Associated Press AP announced last Tuesday in Washington that this measure will be in force until the dividing wall between the two countries is finished as the leader promised.  

The Secretary of Defense, James Mattis reported at a lunch offered to the leaders of Baltic countries.  

He also confirmed that “we will do things militarily until we have a wall and the security as it should, we will preserve our border with armed forces and it’s a huge step."  

And he concluded saying: “We really have not done his before, or certainly not much."  

AP comments that the president has been deeply frustrated by the lack of progress on the construction site of what was the main promise of his campaign: "a big and beautiful wall" in the border with Mexico.  

The aforementioned news agency published that Trump insinuated the use of budget from the Pentagon to finance the expenses in the building of the wall, under the thesis that it’s a priority for the national security despite of the specific regulations that forbid expenses without the Congress approval.  

Reporters inquired about the functioning of the project but got no answers from state institutions.  

AP reminds that in 2006 under Operation Jump Start 6 000 security agents were deployed and surveillance over that territory came active.  

It also mentioned that Donald Trump announced that government officials are preparing a new legislative package to patch up cracks in immigration laws.  

The president has given several hints about this initiative in his tweets and also requested republican legislators to approve a measure on the border under the pretext of the “nuclear option if necessary" to carry on.  

On this regard last Tuesday he tweeted: "The Congress should act now!".  

Observers point that Donald Trump shows his fury by understanding that the approved funds are not enough for the building of the border wall he promised to his supporters.

Cubasi Translation Staff / Amilkal Labañino Valdés

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