El Público Theater Company returns more surrealistic to Lorca (+ PHOTOS)

El Público Theater Company returns more surrealistic to Lorca (+ PHOTOS)
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26 September 2017
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The company directed by Carlos Díaz offers a season of “Así que pasen cinco años” (Once Five Years Pass), one of the most enigmatic and lyrical plays by Federico Garcia Lorca.

Federico García Lorca wrote “Así que pasen cinco años” in 1931… and exactly five years later he was murdered in Spain during the civil war, which devasted that country. Carlos Diaz trapped those tragic coincidences in the staging of the aformentioned play for the diploma exercise of the latest class of the National Theater School. It is the show he and his company El Público are offering since Thursday at Tito Junco Hall of the Bertolt Brecht Cultural Center.

The text, where the staging comes from, makes up the so-called “impossible theater” of Lorca, pieces that due to their great metaphorical scope and their delight in surrealism had many complexities for their scenic realization. In fact, it was considerd for a long time that “ Así que pasen...” was unrepresentable, until the playwright made some changes. But the play was never premiered when the famous poet was alive.




Carlos Díaz’s staging goes beyond the text and adds other elements from Lorca’s itinerary: stories, characters, relatively intimate circumsntances, to shape a homage to both the poet and the man.

The youngsters, who at the end of last course graduated with this proposal, are at present new actors and actresses of El Público, and will take over their roles in a show that has been reviewed and, somehow, restaged.

The performances will run until next Sunday, but the play will return to the billboard during the next edition of Havana’s International Theater Festival.




Translated by Jorge Mesa Benjamin / Cubasi Translation Staff

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