Support a Life without Violence, so Cuba can be in Harmony…

Support a Life without Violence, so Cuba can be in Harmony…
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23 September 2017
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To the campaign Sumate por una vida sin violencia (Support a life without violence), coordinated by several Cuban institutions and organizations, two young, skilled, and charismatic talents have joined the initiative: Sonando en Cuba’s stars Yulaysi Miranda and Rosa Moret.

There are enough motives to back this network of artists against violence. It is our duty, stated Rosa in exclusive talk to CubaSi.

“The fact of having such influence on people, social networks, the fact of people following our steps as two women who fought hard for their dreams is something that encourages us to —along with our musical talent— promoting a message, a good one, championing our genre against violence of any kind. Thanks to the campaign, here we are to say NO to everything that overshadows us and say YES to everything that makes us shine.”

Yulaysi, last season winner of popular TV contest Sonando en Cuba, also embraces it as a commitment.

“We always support all good causes. As every Cuban woman, we are used to fight. Thus, we join this project of having a better life so women move forward…”

Other well-regarded Cuban companies ARTEX, the Cuban Fund of Cultural Goods, and Mulata Son band received their subscription certificates. All of them are betting for a life without violence and a colorful, diverse Cuba.

Parentheses for Sonando en Cuba

Certainly, we could not waste the chance of having Yulaysis and Rosa to share their views on the present season of this contest of Sonando en Cuba.

“I think there are great voices this season,” said Yulaysis. “But singers need to embrace the Cuban roots. Son, Cuban music, and rumba do exist. Therefore, let’s move our bodies…It is what I think from the public perspective and from my personal experience of having participated in this contest and felt the same emotions…”

Rosa agrees with her partner and adds: “the songs are very important and this is a tough musical genre. You should show versatility. We experienced it the first days. Cuban music is diverse, rich. Thus, the boys and girls must dare to do something different if they want to win.”

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz / CubaSi Translation Staff

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