A Picture, a Symbol, a Country

A Picture, a Symbol, a Country
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18 September 2017
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Yander Zamora —as we already know— is a great, charming, and sensitive photographer. Many of his photos have transcended, leaving their mark in many. He has even won some awards. But the one with the boy holding Jose Marti´s bust after the path of hurricane Irma is certainly iconic.

There is no need to tell the story behind the photo, but let´s highlight some facts: the boy’s name is Jose Daniel de la Torre. He lives in Punta Alegre, one of the most damaged towns in the province of Ciego de Avila. He found the bust in the debris and dug it up with the help of his mother and his emotion surged so much that he exclaimed: “I found Marti!”

That’s a crystal-clear metaphor: the power of a symbol, the need of a symbol, and the purpose of the symbol. Suddenly, the picture “portrayed” a damaged country stuck to its history amid tragedy. Jose Marti is still the foundation, hope, and union pretext of Cubans. Yander’s picture went viral. Hundreds users have shared it. Several people from different latitudes converge in one thing: Jose Marti is the soul of this nation.

There are pictures of the boy washing and exhibiting the bust. But Yander’s is already a myth. Jorgito’s facial expression —serious, like assuming great responsibility— could resume the challenge of a whole country. The boy is holding Jose Marti’s bust with the same serenity Marti is holding us all.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz / CubaSi Translation Staff

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