Kids Creating Puppets

Kids Creating Puppets
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12 August 2017
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A workshop helps children to create their own puppets in the context of the Havana’s Puppetry Conference.

Technology governs these days. But puppets, which are mostly handicrafts, still delight kids.

You should see them handling the puppets, making up stories and characters, and interacting with others…The Old Havana hosts until August 13rd the first season of Havana’s Puppetry: figures among cobblestones.

There are performances, workshops, guided visits, tributes, and exhibitions. The idea is to promote a culture of high ethical and aesthetic values. And the kids are the stars.

One of the most attractive workshops is the one led by Mexican master Federico Cauich Rosado at Casa de Mexico and Adalet’s Jardin de los Titeres, in La Lisa. This is a space where kids make their own puppets accompanied by their parents.

They take the challenge very seriously as expected.

With care, listening to the master’s advices, they “assemble” every piece: the nose, mouth, ears, eyes, tongue…wolves, frogs, little donkeys, dogs are created here and there…

Federico Cauich brought from Mexico all the materials. Each kid takes home the puppet he or she creates. They will play with it. They will show it to their friends and they will stage in many imaginary plays.

But they will always remember with joy these “creatures” came from their hands.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz // CubaSi Translation Staff

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