Trump against Cuba: The annexionist Roar and Anger

Trump against Cuba: The annexionist Roar and Anger
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19 June 2017
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How can we talk on behalf of freedom of the Cuban people aloud from the U.S. and singing the Anthem of the empire?

As an expert ventriloquist Senator Marco Rubio made the United States President talk at a ceremony in June 16th in Miami, to shift a gear backwards in the thaw between the United States and Cuba, which started Barack Obama on December 17, 2014.

As an obedient puppet, Donald Trump repeated, word by word, the speech that for almost more than half a century the anti-Cuban mafia of Miami has had in its aggressive politics against the Cuban Revolution.

In order to justify overnight the cancelation of the agreement between Cuba and United States, Trump described as heroes the mercenaries defeated in Playa Girón and a supposed "opposition" that only exists in the CIA payrolls and the feverish minds of former Batista soldiers living in Miami, Florida.

Between denunciations and nonsense, the current president announced that he would restrict business and tourism with Cuba until the Island didn't respect human rights of the peaceful dissidents, or what’s the same, until Cuba accepted at just the tip of the iceberg of North American interests a "dissidence" created and encouraged by repeated North American administrations. An strategy that, as former president Obama assured, for 50 years, only lead to failure the long dream of defeating the Cuban revolution.

Regardless the circus show, Trump’s words were a master class of what the North American democracy really is. According to experts, the act in Miami rather than thanking the support of mercenaries from Playa Girón in last elections was an "exchange" with the senator of Cuban origin Marco Rubio, current member of the Select Commission of Intelligence of the Senate who defended the leader at an hearing last June 8th with the former FBI director James Comey during the trial best known as Rusiagate.

As The New Herald recently published: "Two days after the hearing, Rubio and his colleague of the intelligence commission, senator Tom Cotton, republican of Arkansas, Trump and a small group of legislators had dinner with the president at the White House, and Rubio has been working closely with the White House to rewrite the politics of the nation towards Cuba in the past few weeks."

That is the current leader who is also sued by more than 200 democratic senators for violating the North American Constitution after accepting payments of foreign governments in their companies, apparently, as a good businessman; he looked for his personal interests first over those of the majority which supposedly must privilege the so-called American democracy.

In his electoral campaign that lead he to presidency, Trump used the slogan of "Making America Bigger" through the defense of the interests of North Americans and to that purpose he promised more business and more employments for the citizens of that country, something that overtly contradicts his radical change of Washington’s politics towards Cuba.

According to a survey performed by the North American Association against Blockade, Engage Cuba, the measures announced by the President will cause losses to the U.S. economy for more than 6600 million dollars and would affect 12 295 North American employments during the first period of the Administration.

On top of all incongruities, only a few weeks ago a group of North American legislators presented a Law proposal so that their fellow citizens can travel freely to Cuba. The proposal was presented in the Senate of the North American Congress, supported by 55 out of the 100 members. Other two senators of the red party and equal number of democrats presented the Freedom to Export to Cuba Act. With these laws the current barriers to business would be eliminated, including the original authorization of 1961 to establish the commercial embargo and the later legislations that demanded the completion of those politics.

A survey recently published assures that 65% of North American voters, among them more than six out of 10 republicans, support the politics towards Cuba approved by Barack Obama’s administration (2009-2017)

It’s clear that, in exchange for saving his scandalous neck, the president preferred to benefit a minority whose business consists on the so-called anti-Castro industry which for half a century has been the only North American sector that has made economic profits of the disagreement between Cuba and the United States.

Lies have been all this time his main motive. When Playa Girón the Kennedy's government was convinced that after the mercenaries disembarked in Cuba. A massive uprise would occur supporting the invasion due to the unanimous dissatisfaction of the people with the recently established revolutionary government. Today, they still deceive President Donald Trump with the same story.

And if I said earlier “North American sector” it’s because, as people could see in the circus show at the Manuel Artime Theater of Miami, "Cubans" who accompanied Trump yelled instead of Cuba, U.S., and the leader himself eulogized the violin solo of the U.S. anthem interpreted by another alleged Cuban. What’s more, Trump assured that his country flag was a symbol of hopes for Cubans. Undoubtedly the worst part of the ceremony, because the threats and slander against Cuba, are nothing new.

How can we talk on behalf of freedom of the Cuban people aloud from the U.S. and singing the Anthem of the empire?

The setback in history starred by Donald Trump in Miami is not about, as a few have said, a return to the Cold War, but the shameless proclamation of annexionist pretenses of the United States towards Cuba. Not even at the times of the proclamation of John Quincy Adams’ of "the politics of ripe fruit", neither the intervention of 1899 act an unworthy and stupid act have ever hap

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