Trump Worries about Progress of Independent Candidate in Utah

Trump Worries about Progress of Independent Candidate in Utah
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31 October 2016
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The presidential candidate Donald Trump attacked his contender Evan McMullin by calling him a ''puppet'' and with accusations of endangering the Republican nomination, in case the independent wins in the state of Utah.

In an interview last night on Fox News, Trump said that losing in Utah would have a 'devastating impact' for his aspirations, pointing to the intense campaign McMullin carries out in this State, a Republican who decided to run for the elections independently.

Given the results of some polls, the former CIA agent is very close to Trump in this area of the country, where McMullin was born.

According Dan Jones' survey, the New York billionaire advances in Utah with 30 percent of preferences, while McMullin follows him closely with 29, and Hillary Clinton with 25.

According to Rasmussen's, Clinton is ahead with 28 percent, the Emerson College's poll gives McMullin as the winner with 31 percent, ahead Trump with 27 and Clinton with 24, results that justify the reaction of real estate magnate on Sunday night.

Meanwhile, Evan McMullin answered to Trump's attacks through his Twitter account.

'If you've never heard of me, it is because while you were harassing women in beauty contests, I was fighting the terrorists abroad', McMullin wrote.

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