Raul Castro Calls to Eliminate Vectors and Prevent Zika Virus in Cuba

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Raul Castro Calls to Eliminate Vectors and Prevent Zika Virus in Cuba
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22 February 2016
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The Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba and President of the Councils of State, exhorted the population to take measures to prevent the entrance and spreading of the Zika virus in Cuba.

The note was published in Granma newspaper today highlights that as it’s known by our people, the World Health Organization has alerted on the quick propagation of Zika virus which affects 32 countries in our continent, declaring it a sanitary emergency of international reach.

Although scientific evidence has not proven that the infection by the Zika virus during pregnancy is the main cause for all the microcephaly cases reported in the affected countries, it has been established a strong connection with the increase of this congenital defect.

The illness is transmitted by the Aedes mosquitoes. There isn’t any vaccine or treatment so far for this illness; therefore the best way to prevent it is the elimination or decrease in the presence of vector and the protection against mosquitoes’ bites.

No case has been detected in Cuba so far, although all feverish syndromes of unknown origin are watched over and studied to attain an early detection. The international sanitary control has also been intensified.

The Direction of the Party and the Government has put into practice a plan lead by the Ministry of Public Health, for the confrontation of the Zika virus as well as the Dengue and Chikungunya.

Intensive cleansing programs are at work in job places, residential areas, even within the very houses, with the active collaboration of different organizations and the community. Every last Cuban must assume this struggle as a personal matter, a problem that concerns them, mainly for the responsibility they have to their families.

As part of the approved plan, nine thousand troops from the Revolutionary Armed forces have been assigned to reinforce the anti-vector and cleansing works, with the additional support of 200 National Police officers.

At this point is imperative that all citizens and organizations meet the sanitary norms and measures that guarantee the confrontation of the vector. The Zika virus outbreak poses a clear and real danger. Urgent coordinated efforts are necessary to stop this outbreak which constitutes a danger to public health.

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