United States: Is Donald Trump Staggering?

United States: Is Donald Trump Staggering?
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10 December 2015
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A wave of outrage sweeps over that country which, as it was known, a presidential candidate-to-be handles rough ideas against Muslims.

We are speaking of the republican magnate Donald Trump, regarded so far as the main candidate-to-be of that party for 2016 elections.

He holds this lead regardless his public rejection to Mexican immigrants and of other nationalities, as well as his hardly disguised anti-blacks position.

If he becomes a candidate, and later gets elected president, he’s been very clear; it would unleash massive deportation among a large number of immigrants.

What’s the reason of so much hatred? That Trump blames them for being the main reason of the serious problems that faces the North American society.

This Tuesday a report of EFE news agency revealed from Washington that, if he enters the White House, he would ban the entrance of Muslims to the United States.

Even the spokesman of the current Obama’s administration, Josh Earnest, immediately answered.

What did he say at the press conference? His anti-muslin offer disqualifies him to exercise the domestic presidency.

Earnest also said that Trump‘s rivals for the republican candidacy should clarify if they support him in the event of becoming their candidate for 2016.

Observers don't discard that, despite everything, ultra right-wing personalities of that party are aligned with the magnate's ideas.

Conservative leaders “should say right now that they don't support him”, Earnest repeated, and anyone who fears the republican base to admit it, "neither can serve as president."

With a harder tone than ever before, Obama’s spokesman remembered that a president’s first duty is to swear loyalty and respect to the Constitution.

And Trump’s plan, underlined, includes points that as legal experts assure, go against the precepts of the constitution that guarantee the freedom of religion.

The White House spokesman also remarked that his comments are "deeply offensive and toxic."

Then he added, remembering words of the National Security Secretary, Jeh Johnson, "and they can have consequences for national security".

According to Earnest, Trump’s campaign is, for some months now, a "routine of carnival fraud", with “shameless lies” and “empty slogans”.

The most recent very criticized, either in-house for democrats and republicans, as overseas by different religious thinkers.

Also they question the tolerance values so many times shaken by the propagandistic machinery of Washington in the world.

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