USA-Elections: The Anti-Trump Vote

USA-Elections: The Anti-Trump Vote
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2 March 2020
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The results of a survey published by the New York Post on Thursday, indicated that many will vote against Donald Trump to avoid his continuation in office.

The survey was conducted by Siena College and published by that New York newspaper.

The latter commented that the majority of voters did not plan to cast the vote for Trump, but they fear he would win.

Therefore, they see their former mayor, Michael Bloomberg as the main option to prevent all that.

The aforementioned survey indicates that 62% of those questioned believe that Trump will be re-elected, and only 29% don’t believe so.

Among Republicans interviewed, 81% see him again in the White House.

Even among those who claim to be independent, the bet stakes go as high as 73%, while Democrats reach 48%.

The black participants in the survey bet on 43% that Trump will win another term in office, and 41% that he will lose elections.

But that doesn't mean, commented the newspaper, that New Yorkers are going to vote for Trump.

The newspaper adds that former Mayor Michael Bloomberg would defeat him by 25 points edge as a Democratic candidate in New York: 58 to 33%.

He would be followed by Pete Buttigieg and Joe Biden, who would beat him by 19 points.

Specifically, among the Democrats consulted, the majority chose Bloomberg (33%), followed by Sanders (22%) and former Vice President Biden (16%).

Then there was an interesting clarification, although Trump is native from New York, he didn’t win there in 2016 and during his administration he has kept tense relations with local Democratic personalities.

What was published brings to the surface a thesis, which is not possible to ignore at all.

This corroborates the possibility of an irruption - with certain weight - of the negative anti-Trump vote in the coming November elections.

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