Critical Coronavirus Breakthrough Seeks Blood from Recovered Patients

Critical Coronavirus Breakthrough Seeks Blood from Recovered Patients
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14 February 2020
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  • Wuhan reportedly has cured patients with coronavirus by injecting plasma from recovered individuals.
  • The breakthrough could help minimize the outbreak in key areas like Hubei.
  • President Xi Jinping said China is seeing progress in combating the outbreak.

Wuhan is said to have treated individuals in critical condition affected by coronavirus by injecting blood plasma from patients that have recovered from the virus.

First big milestone in containing coronavirus in China

Dovey Wan, founding partner at Primitive Crypto, shared a brochure from local hospitals in Wuhan asking for blood donations from individuals that fully recovered from coronavirus.

She said: "This is a major milestone if true. Various Wuhan hospitals have treated people in critical condition successfully by injecting plasma from who have recovered from coronavirus with neutralizing antibodies. Now they are calling for blood donation from recovered ones in all outlets."

Last month, China’s top virologist Yi Guan said that the golden window of containment for coronavirus was missed.

Consequently, the virus outbreak expanded rapidly throughout the entire Hubei region, placing nearly 60 million in lockdown or household quarantine.

Already having missed the chance to contain the virus outbreak to a minimum, it is crucial for the government of China to find ways to treat as many individuals that have coronavirus as fast as possible while vaccines get produced.

Early estimates across various regions including Hong Kong show that it will take a full year before vaccines for coronavirus can be distributed for actual use.

Hence, if Wuhan and the Hubei region can begin to treat many patients that have coronavirus with local resources, it would play a vital role in lessening the outbreak until vaccines are distributed across China.

China hastens to minimize the outbreak

The Chinese economy faces a steep decline if the coronavirus outbreak fails to be controlled in the upcoming months.

Millions of people in Hubei are unable to work and the drop in the workforce will negatively affect the growth of the Chinese economy which President Xi Jinping has placed an emphasis on in the past several years.

Local publications have reported that President Xi is already beginning to urge local governments to Work towards meeting development objectives.

President Xi firmly noted that the coronavirus outbreak should not put an end to the plans of the government to continue the expansion of China’s economy.

Up until last week, the focus of President Xi’s message was on the containment of the virus. President Xi’s recent address indicates China sees significant progress in treating coronavirus, and breakthroughs like the treatment of individuals in Wuhan can fasten the process of minimizing the outbreak.

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