Mexico: Trump Wall to Have Ecological Costs

Mexico: Trump Wall to Have Ecological Costs
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7 February 2017
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The wall that President Donald Trump ordered to build on the US-Mexico border will have ecological costs, asserted today Gerardo Ceballos from the Institute of Ecology of the Mexico National Autonomous University (UNAM).

The expert recalled that the fence would be extended over more than 3,000 kilometers, through some of the richest biodiversity sites of the continent. Reptiles, mammals, even amphibians will be affected in their mobility, stressed Ceballos in an interview with Televisa.

He stressed that the most affected will be mammals, in particular the jaguar (in danger of extinction), gray wolf, black bear and even bison that move on the border.

To these species climate change will make them more vulnerable with the wall, because they will no longer be able to look for better sites to the south, as they have done for centuries, noted the expert.

We are condemning these species, concluded the researcher, who urged to protect ecosystems and not to divide them.

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