Youth is But…

Youth is But…
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5 April 2022
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He has been awarded with this pin of the 60th anniversary of the Young Communists League because he feels he is still part of an organization to which he devoted much of his energies and enthusiasm.

He was, some time ago, the young man committed to his moment, the one who went around his university solving specific problems here and there, the one who organized activities and kept track that everything went well, the one who did not agree with what was wrong, the who did not neglect his studies, who found the chance to share with his classmates...

More than a head figure, he was a leader. That's what it was all about.

He was the hard-working trainee, the capable and beloved secretary in his province, the one who picked up hikers on Santa Clara highway, the one who attended the Mejunje, and was aware of his co-workers’s problems, the one who liked the brotherly meetings with the students...

He feels fine among young people, that’s his territory. He listens to them, he jokes with them, his joy is likeable. He doesn’t speak looking down on you. He is part of them.

A man with no prejudice, prone to establish a dialogue, enthusiast of new technologies, activist of the most noble causes, defender of the family as a space of freedom and personal fulfilment... Miguel Díaz-Canel is still the restless and passionate man he was years ago. Without feeling superiority or setting distances he celebrates and works with young people. He doesn’t believe they are the assurance of the future: he knows that they are pillars of the present.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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