World champion boxing team returns to the homeland

World champion boxing team returns to the homeland
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18 November 2021
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The Cuban boxing team, leader of the World Championship in Belgrade, returned to the homeland on Tuesday, after attending the international competition held in the city of Rotterdam, in the Netherlands.

The delegation was received at José Martí International Airport by Inder president Osvaldo Vento Montiller and vice-president Ariel Sainz, who welcomed them on behalf of the organization's board of directors and the Cuban people.

"You are returning to the country at a very important moment for the Revolution. A few hours ago this airport opened its doors and so did tourism on the island. We are returning to the new normality, so the airlines that some time ago did not carry out commercial operations due to the international situation because of the covid-19 are beginning to arrive," said the head of Inder.

He also valued the world championship as very demanding, since 512 participants attended for the first time in 13 divisions; and on average there were 39 athletes per division, which imposed another rhythm and new demands to the competition.

This result of the so-called Flagship of Cuban Sport is also an expression of what Professor Rolando Acebal has taught, that with discipline you can achieve everything in life, he said.

Vento commented that in a few days a Cuban delegation will leave for the First Pan American Junior Games in Cali 2021, where boxing will be represented and even Julio Cesar La Cruz, an example of a Cuban athlete, has been invited.

Andy Cruz, on behalf of the team, thanked the simple and emotional reception at the capital's air terminal, as well as the support offered by the country's top management, the sports authorities and the Cuban people, both in Belgrade and in the recent Games in Tokyo 2020, where they went with a goal and achieved it.

The head of the technical collective of the Cuban boxing team, Rolando Acebal, told JIT that they have reason to feel happy, as it was a difficult championship, as was the preparation in the midst of covid-19.

He added that 32 nations competed with more than eight athletes, a figure that the island had at its disposal. He recalled that due to covid-19 five athletes could not attend.

However, our fighters fulfilled the duty of the sportsman who feels he is a worthy Cuban: to give joy to our people and ratify that boxing will continue to comply with the homeland, Acebal emphasized.


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