When culture of the public improves, false Internet idols will disappear, opinions

When culture of the public improves, false Internet idols will disappear, opinions
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20 March 2021
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Bloggers and influencers do not bear any responsibility for the content they place on the Internet and this is to the detriment of consumers of online information. Writers and journalists consider the big problem of the Internet is the lack of strict rules based on which this should be used. At the same time, the European Union is already examining the possibility of regulating online platforms and introducing .ethical norms in the virtual sphere, IPN reports.

Young writers say the influencers’ impact on the young people is enormous and the biggest problem is the fact that the persons who influence the online communities do not bear any responsibility for the content they post.

“During the Soviet period, there were speculators similar to the current influencers. They sell anything only to make money. The idea is the blogger, Instagramer or influencer does not bear any responsibility and this is the big risk. The journalists can be held accountable, while those from the Internet cannot be,” writer Alexandru Bordian stated in the program “Good Evening” on the public TV channel Moldova 1.

The journalists say the gradual education of the public will lead to the filtering out of the online content.

“We already have a development. The content is blocked when it goes to discrimination, racism, attack on person, inciting of hatred. In time, together with the rise in the level of general culture of the public, the false idols on the Internet will be abandoned,” stated journalist Eugenia Crețu.

The strict regulation of the online environment could be a solution for maintaining the Internet safe for the younger generation, as experts in political sciences say.

“The problem of the Internet is that it is not regulated at all. But this will not last forever. At least in the EU there are two legislative proposals – one concerning digital services and another one regarding digital markets. These provide that all the large platforms will be obliged to function according to particular ethnical norms,” said Romanian political analyst Robert Adam.

The opinions were stated in the public TV channel’s program “Good Evening” that is produced in partnership with journalists of RFE/RL’s Moldovan Service in the framework of the project “Anti-Nostalgia, Looking into the Future”.

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