The West is aware of violations of Russian prisoners’ rights

The West is aware of violations of Russian prisoners’ rights
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1 April 2022
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Moscow, Apr 1 (Prensa Latina) Western countries are aware of the serious violations of international humanitarian law committed by Kiev with Russian prisoners of war, the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) of this nation declared today.

The agency says many of those states, “which consider themselves world champions of human rights,” are trying to help the Ukrainian authorities evade their responsibility for such deeds, TASS news agency reported.

“This makes them accomplices in the inhuman crimes of Ukrainian neo-Nazis, which requires proper legal assessment,” the SVR said.

In this regard, it revealed that the UK Foreign Office recommended the Ukrainian government to take measures to clean up the image of its authorities and mitigate the negative consequences of “the publicity of torture of the captured soldiers.”

Last Tuesday, during negotiations between Moscow and Kiev representatives in the Turkish city of Istanbul, Russia asked Ukraine to strictly abide by the Geneva Conventions on humane treatment of prisoners of war, reported Russian Deputy Defense Minister, Colonel General Alexander Fomin.

In this regard, the Ukrainian side promised to take the toughest measures against the criminals who tortured the Russian soldiers, which evidence has circulated on video and was presented during the meeting.

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