Vice-president of Havana Government praises favorable outlook for the capital

Vice-president of Havana Government praises favorable outlook for the capital
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9 November 2021
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Madrid, November 9 (RHC)-- The Vice President of the Government of Havana, Luis Carlos Góngora, praised the constructive and forward-looking spirit of the Cuban capital, although he admitted that difficulties persist.

Speaking to Prensa Latina, Góngora highlighted, in particular, the success in the neutralization of Covid-19, and the best proof is that on Moday, it reported 29 cases and no deaths.

"The current outlook is very favorable. We have seen a gradual decrease in the last 14 weeks as a result of all the comprehensive work that has been done," Góngora said.

The deputy governor of the main Cuban city pointed out that this reduction is due to the vaccination process and highlighted the five candidates developed by scientists from the Caribbean island, three already recognized as serums for emergency use.

Góngora participated in Spain in the 19th Assembly of Ibero-American Capital Cities (UCCI) in Madrid, where he said that Havana is the most vaccinated city in the world.

Already 99.3 percent of the population has at least one dose, and 85 percent has the three required doses (with Abdala, Soberana 02, and Soberana Plus), he noted.

The leader commented that the school year is back to normal at all levels, with primary school starting on November 15; restaurants, cafeterias, theaters, galleries, cultural institutions, bars have been opened, all with a determined capacity and taking the necessary precautions.

However, he noted that Havana's situation is complex, although transformation actions are being undertaken with popular involvement to face the difficulties.

He remarked that the effects of the 243 additional measures of the U.S. blockade against Cuba implemented by Donald Trump had affected the economy to unsuspected levels.

One has to be in Havana, in our country, to know what is happening; it has a practical effect on daily life while the United States seeks to encourage the internal counterrevolution to destabilize the country, he said.

Góngora assured that the call for the November 15 march responds to foreign interests and intends to attempt against Cuba's sovereignty and independence.

He added that what is going to happen is a response of citizen tranquility, with the encouragement of having defeated the pandemic and the determination to move the economy forward with numerous measures in execution.

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