Venezuela’s 2023 Success in Combating Hunger

Venezuela’s 2023 Success in Combating Hunger
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19 February 2024
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Venezuela’s Minister of Urban Agriculture, Johanna Carrillo, announced on TV a reduction in the country’s nutrition gap to 6.5% in 2023.

This marks a major improvement from the 35.6% deficit seen in 2017. Carrillo pointed out that sanctions from the United States contributed to the earlier high levels.

She showed that the gap decreased steadily over the years. It went from 11.5% in 2021 to 7.7% in 2022, reaching 6.5% in 2023.

This shows Venezuela is making strides in improving its citizens’ nutrition.

A special team monthly checks the population’s health by measuring weight and height. This helps understand the nutrition situation better.

The government has taken steps to improve food access. It set up local committees (CLAP) to boost urban farming.

Training families in farming and finding urban areas for agriculture are part of the plan. This effort helps increase food availability and boosts the nation’s health.

Venezuela's 2023 Success in Combating Hunger - Urban farming. (Photo internet reproduction)

Venezuela’s 2023 Success in Combating Hunger – Urban farming. (Photo internet reproduction)


Venezuela’s Urban Farming Push

Venezuela’s Urban Agriculture Ministry plans to set up 3,000 Clap committees by 2024.

This effort, led by Minister Jhoanna Carrillo, aims to turn cities into green, productive spaces.

It focuses on growing food, building community, empowering women, and teaching sustainable farming.

The goal is to make urban areas like Caracas lush and fertile. This project will increase food access, reduce carbon emissions, and unite people.

It turns city spaces into farms, showing a strong commitment to eco-friendly urban living.

Women and young people are at the heart of this initiative. They get help through a biocredit system to start urban farms.

The plan also includes reviving over 22,000 agro-urban centers and setting up school gardens in 12 schools, spreading eco-awareness among the young.

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