Venezuelan government suspends participation in Dialogue Table after kidnapping of diplomat Alex Saab

Venezuelan government suspends participation in Dialogue Table after kidnapping of diplomat Alex Saab
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17 October 2021
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The head of the delegation of the Venezuelan government in the Dialogue Table that takes place in Mexico City with the opposition, Jorge Rodríguez, announced Saturday the suspension of the process after confirming the kidnapping of the diplomat Alex Saab, who was transferred from Cape Verde to the United States.

"By virtue of this very serious action, our delegation suspends participation in the Table of Negotiation and Dialogue, consequently, we will not attend the round that was to begin on October 17th, as a profound expression of our protest against the brutal aggression against the person and investiture of our delegate of Alex Saab," Rodriguez indicated.

The also president of the National Assembly asserted that the authorities will not cease until Saab is freed.  "Venezuela will defend our delegate Alex Saab with all legal and diplomatic resources and will take the case to all multilateral human rights instances," he added.

"Saab's life is in danger in the hands of a judicial system instrumentalized to attack Venezuela and demands the U.S. government to release our delegate (...)  This constitutes an act of aggression by the U.S. against Venezuela, given that Saab has been incorporated as a full member to the dialogue and negotiation process being carried out in Mexico," Rodríguez sentenced.

The head of the Venezuelan government delegation blamed ultra-right sectors, Iván Duque and Washington for torpedoing the mediation process taking place in Mexico, which was soon to reach its third phase.  "They persist in their provocative and harmful actions against the development of the Dialogue and Negotiation Table."

"Alex Saab's human rights have been violated by the Government of Cape Verde and the legal system of that country, he (Saab) has suffered torture and his relatives have been denied to know his state of health," said Jorge Rodríguez.

He recalled that the Cape Verdean authorities have violated the due process against Saab, as well as the sentence of the Court of the Economic Community of West African States that ratified and ordered the immediate release of the Venezuelan diplomat. 

"They have also ignored the instruction of June 8, 2021, of the United Nations Human Rights Committee, regarding the suspension of the extradition of the U.S., the complicity of the authorities of that country with the policy of aggression against Venezuela by the U.S. Government is shown," concluded Rodriguez.

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