Venezuelan attorney general called on minors' murder in Colombia

Venezuelan attorney general called on minors' murder in Colombia
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13 October 2021
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Bogotá, Oct 13 (Prensa Latina) Tarek William Saab, Venezuela attorney general, blamed criminal groups that work as outsources of the Colombian state for the murder of two Venezuelan minors in Tibú, Northern part of Santander.
He declared in an interview to Caracol Radio that since 2015 almost 3000 Venezuelans have died.

The Attorney General demanded to avoid xenophobic statements regarding the Venezuelans arriving in Colombia because, he stressed, 'I am not going to say that the six million (Colombians in Venezuela) have been criminals'.

He also accused Colombia of profitting from the international humanitarian aid that Venezuelans who have migrated to this country receive.

'Where are those millions of dollars, who manages them, because I see that those millions of dollars have been used to kill three thousand Venezuelans', he questioned.

Regarding the crisis between both countries, Saab considered that the only solution is to reestablish 'bilateral diplomatic relations at all levels between Venezuela and Colombia'.

Furthermore, he added that Colombia must cease 'in its policy of aggression, even military threat against Venezuela'.

He also added that in the 2022 elections there must be a change so that 'politics with a capital P returns and Venezuela becomes again for Colombia at a state level (...) a friendly country, a brother country'.

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