Venezuela: Parliamentary Commission active against corruption

Venezuela: Parliamentary Commission active against corruption
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22 March 2023
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Caracas, Mar 22 (Prensa Latina) The deputies of the Permanent Commission on Energy and Petroleum of the National Assembly of Venezuela unanimously agreed to support the frontal action of the Executive in its fight against corruption.

The president of the Commission Ángel Rodríguez stressed that the revolutionary government “has been an example of impeccable and transparent management” by punishing with a heavy hand the acts that threaten the public treasury and the stability of the people.

He stressed they give unconditional support to President Nicolás Maduro, whom they described as a “guarantor and vigilant” leader of what is detrimental to the frontal fight against corruption and who applies actions against those who with their illegal acts try to destabilize the nation.

‘All the weight of the Law!’ exclaimed the legislator.

Rodríguez remarked that Maduro’s management revealed the transparency of his Executive.

A president who denounces and makes these actions public, even by senior officials in his cabinet, makes it clear that those who commit criminal acts are not exempt from the full weight of the law.

He expressed that he regrets this type of criminal actions are carried out by members and officials of our government institutions. The parliamentarian considered the relevance of the legislative body that he presides over becoming the controlling entity of the activities inherent to the sector he represents, related to energy.

In this sense, he estimated the need to establish strategies that allow to influence and clean up public institutions and the oil industry.

Rodríguez considered it vital that the National Assembly (Parliament) fully assume its constitutional function with regard to the control of public institutions.

He commented that the main people responsible for corruption in the oil industry are in custody, and pointed out that the authorities will continue with the investigations so that “all those linked to this criminal act fall down.”

The president of the Venezuelan Parliament, Jorge Rodríguez, proposed the day before that the Internal Policy Commission of the National Assembly should focus on the revision of all the laws to be “more energetic in punishments,” and warned that the thief will go to jail “whoever it is and whoever falls falls’.

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